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Important Information

Graduation 2019

Tuesday, May 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

   in SHS Gymnasium


Seniors need to be aware of the the following rules:


Appropriate Dress for Graduation


The following rules shall be followed when choosing clothing to wear with caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony. These rules are necessary to retain the formality and dignity of the occasion. This information is being supplied to allow ample time for seniors to prepare. If there are any questions or concerns about these rules, please contact Mr. Anderson well in advance of graduation night.


Girls: A dress or skirt and blouse of appropriate length shall be worn. If the dress or skirt is longer than the graduation gown, the part showing below the hem must be black. The dress or blouse must have a neckline that will not be visible at the v-neck of the gown. Black dress shoes must be worn. Sandals are acceptable if they have a strap behind the heel. No flip-flops (not even dressy ones with high heels) or tennis shoes allowed.


Guys: Black dress pants and a white, collared dress shirt shall be worn. Jeans of any type will not be allowed. The shirt must be an oxford-style that buttons down the front. A solid black tie and black dress boots or shoes must also be worn. No tennis shoes or casual boots or shoes will be allowed. School policy on facial hair must be followed.