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Louisiana Connect is the State of Louisiana's site for college and career planning.


The State of Louisiana's site for college & career planning. If you are seeking information on how to search for education opportunities or plan for a long-term career....this is the place!

The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) has collaborated with the Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Board of Regents, and the Louisiana Workforce Commission to help you "Geaux to College" and plan for a successful future. (Remember, college is any education completed after high school.) Although only 8th-12th grade students, their parents and school counselors are able to create accounts in the Louisiana Connect portal, this website contains information for everyone. If you are an 8th-12th grader or the parent of one, and you have not signed in, see what over 130,000 other users are taking advantage of (and what you might be missing out on) by watching the Louisiana Connect overview video on this page. By activating your account and logging into Louisiana Connect each time you visit, you'll be able to take full advantage of the tools and resources mentioned throughout this website!

If you are a 7th grader with questions about scholarships, an adult learner looking for training opportunities, or a Louisiana college or business interested in how you can get connected to Louisiana students, all of the information you need is right here.